Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tomorrow, tomorrow...

This last week or two has been very hectic, and some of you lovely people have written to check on me, and I can't begin to say how much that has meant to me. :)

So, in an effort to allay any unneccessary concerns, let me update you a little on what's going on.

First, I'm in physical therapy 3 times a week for pain. I was diagnosed recently with Fibromyalgia and a bone spur at C-6, and I have arthritis in the neck joint. PT is both joy and horror -- it hurts like hell while it's going on, I feel like I've been beaten from the inside out when I'm done, but at times it really does relieve some pain I've had for years. Additionally, I'm seeing a new doc on Friday, since my old one was having some, let's say, "difficulty" in being able to see me in a timely manner, follow up on tests, etc. So, he's been fired, and yes, there has been a letter written giving the cause. He chose to be defensive rather than to redress the issues, so to another doc I go. Also, my psychiatrist has taken a more aggressive role in helping me deal with this pain situation. She changed one of my meds from Trazodone (for sleep) to Neurontin, which helps with sleep and pain both. I have had shingles in the past, and this drug does treat the pain associated with it, so maybe that's related to the other pains I've been having. She's also hand-written a note for me to carry to my new doc, outling what we've done, and what she hopes new doc will do for me. That really impressed and touched me -- how many docs take the time to do that for their patients?

My other big time sucker-upper has been volunteering at the Nashville Film Festival, which ends today. I will go this afternoon and finish my little duties. There was talk of them actually hiring me in the future to work with the volunteer coordinator! That might be cool, but we'll see. I'm not ready for full time, or maybe even part time, work, physically or emotionally, just yet, but I'm hopeful for the future.

Tomorrow Hubby has a routine medical procedure in the morning, so I should have some time to blog in the afternoon. From there I'll update whatever all is going on.

Thank you, sweet people, for participating in my life. You *really* do make a positive difference.


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Ojo and Kika said...

Yay for your psychiatrist being so proactive! I understand how doctors can be and it is truly rare to find a dr that will take that time. I'm glad you are seeing a new doctor. So many people put up with bad behavior from doctors because they think that's just how it is. But it doesn't have to be so good for you for standing up to him. Too bad he chose to be defensive about it.

I'm so jealous of you volunteering for the film festival. I want to hear all about it when I come for my visit.

I'm glad things are looking up for you.

Lots of love,