Sunday, April 02, 2006


This has been quite a week here, with a lot of unexpected things going on. As a result, I have learned a lot about myself. Here's a short list:

I am very idealistic.
I am very sensitive, in ways that surprise me sometimes.
I am very adaptable.
I enjoy ministering to others.
I'm good at ministering to others.
I have great, creative ideas sometimes.
I have a more raucous sense of humor than I had thought, though anyone knowing me will laugh at that, I'm sure.
I can make a quiche successfully. :)
I can host a nice dinner party, with the help of Hubby, and a great guest list.
I don't hold grudges for as long as I may have in the past.
I need friends, real life friends, to connect with.
I really miss people with whom I've been friends in other places I've lived.
I want to let some bygones be bygones with some folks and regain a treasured relationship.
People can tell a difference in my mood now.
I can tell a difference in my mood now.
I may have fibromyalgia.
The idea of something like fibromyalgia scares me, even if it will explain a constellation of symptoms that have not seemed related in the past.
I am resilient.

All of that is good information to have about oneself. In conversations with a couple of women I know, one whom I know much better than the other, both have suggested that some of the crap I've had to deal with this week has to do with the fact that I'm getting more and more involved in my community and am making an impact. I truly hadn't thought of it that way, but doesn't that sound a lot better than "Well, it was just a crappy week."

Spring is springing, with my Japanese Cherry Tree bursting forth its blooms. There are tons of birds and butterflies in my yard now, and I am looking forward to replanting this year. Last year was my first gardening experience, and it actually worked! A lot of credit goes to Hubby, who is the King of the Garden, as well as King of the Grill, of Word and Excel, of the Keyboards, and some other things I can't mention in polite company. :D Frankly, he and I make a damn near unbeatable team, and that makes me really happy. I am so blessed to have him as my life-partner, and I am so proud of him. He humbles me, and I don't mean intentionally. I aspire to be more like him, and to learn from his experience and example.

I hope this week will be a peaceful one. I would like to do a few things, like maybe play with some art supplies, try to do beading, read, relax, cook, and compile a little cookbook for a friend who needs some help with new recipes and ways to cook that will be high on protein, low on carbs, in that she doesn't want/need to consume more than 30 grams of carbs at any one time. I think I can handle that. I love to cook and have tons of recipes and cookbooks, so this should be pretty much up my alley.

If you're reading this, thank you for taking the time. My life is enriched by knowing that I am making connections across the blogosphere, however tenuous, but it does all matter and it does all serve to help me appreciate the interconnected web of existence in which we live.

Peace, people, and do something GOOD for yourself this week.


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RunAwayImagination said...

I applaud your introspection.
It's good to take a look at yourself, and I think you are quite accurate in your assessments.
Rodney Crowell would applaud.

We dreamers tend toward idealism.
I think sensitivity and idealism are related.
Sensitivity needs to be tempered by adaptability.

I believe one of your callings is to minister to the needs of others.

Your creativity shines through in all that you do.

I applaud your raucous sense of humor. It’s something I don’t have, and so I relish it in groups.

I love your cooking; I love even more preparing delicious food with you. We work so well as a team.

Grudges are toxic, so it’s best to let them go, even if they seem to give momentary comfort.

I too miss many of my old friends. It’s like part of my life has been amputated.

I wish I could help with your physical symptoms, but I realize that all I can do is pay attention and be as supportive as possible.

You are indeed making an impact in the community and in the lives of those close to you.

Make time this week for art, for contemplation, for reading a book. Don’t let the computer suck all your time away.