Thursday, April 27, 2006

Randomosity <---new word I just made up

Well, I have no clue what this post is going to be about -- hence, the name. Hang on, peeps. It might be a bumpy ride.

Today I took Hubby for his 3 year colonoscopy, which is thought to be normal, though a polyp or two was found. He was told he didn't need another one for 5 years, which is excellent news. He was sooooooooooo cute lying there in the bed all doped up after the procedure. lol Couldn't focus his beautiful blue-green eyes, mumbled his words, couldn't remember things he said or heard just seconds before, bless his heart. I kept kissing his forehead and petting on him because I was so relieved this was over for him. He was nervous yesterday, and the day before, hating the prep he had to endure. He doesn't get nervous often, so I really hate it for him when he has to go through stuff like that. Even so, all's well that ends well. We went out for a little breakfast after the procedure, then came home for a little nap for us both. When we awoke, we went out on the porch and enjoyed the beauty of nature for a while. After that, well, that's private, but now he's snoozing in and out on the sofa as I write this.

Tomorrow I go to physical therapy, then to the new doc. I have a ton of paperwork to fill out here for that visit, but I'm glad to take care of it in advance. I have great hopes for this woman, and I hope I won't be disappointed. I also need to look up the drug called Byatta (sp?), which my psychiatrist is recommending to help me with PCOS & losing weight. I've never heard of it, but then again, I'm not in the medical profession. She said I could lose a pound a day if I used that -- can you imagine? 30 lbs in 30 days? I find that hard to conceive, but I'm willing to check it out if someone monitors me.

Finished with the film festival yesterday -- really enjoyed that. Met a lot of nice people, and had a kind of job offer from the ticketing software company. Not bad, huh? Also, the volunteer coorindator was interested in getting me back in a staff position, which also wouldn't be too bad, I don't think. This is a non-profit org, and I've had plenty of experience with those, so I think I would fit in pretty well. But the ticketing software sounds really interesting, too. Travel could be involved with that, not to mention getting to attend cool events. I guess I'll just send my resume and see what happens.

I'm going to Memphis in a couple of weeks, I believe. I think I'll get there maybe on a Tuesday, and Hubby will join me on Friday night. We have several friends to see, so I'm looking forward to catching up with folks.

Umm...let's see -- tomorrow night we're going out to hear one of our favorite singers and friends -- Melissa Sigler. FABULOUS blues lady -- terrific persona, and wonderful, dear friend. Check her out and buy her CDs -- you won't be sorry! Saturday night we're going out with a very dear couple friend of ours to hear another group of friends from our church play a benefit for a local organization. Looking forward to this double date, as it may be our last together for a while. R and D got married on New Year's Eve, and are going to live in upstate New York, where they're both from. She's going to use our address as a local one, and will stay here when she comes to town. She's a songwriter and hellaciously good bass player and singer -- she just pitched songs to Wynonna and Gretchen Wilson. Her hubby D is a wonderful man, and someone she's known her whole life. Somehow they never got together until this time last year, and the rest, as they say, is history. I'm so happy for them both, but I'm really going to miss her. Sunday, of course, is church.

Did I tell y'all I volunteered to teach what we call RE (religious education) on every other Sunday in the fall, with the preschool to 2nd grade kids? Well I did, and I'm looking forward to it. I've enjoyed subbing in that class, and really enjoy the other teacher I'll be co-teaching with. In our church we never have just 1 adult work with kids -- we have a 'safe sanctuary' policy, and I'm really glad for that. These days you can't be too careful.

We are putting together an event in August to train others how to get out the vote in November to defeat the marriage amendment on the ballot which will state that marriage = one man + one woman, only. This is discriminatory, and should not even be entertained. It's a matter of CIVIL RIGHTS not RELIGIOUS RITES. If GLBT folks were allowed to marry, churches would not be required to perform ceremonies if it went against their beliefs, just like now. They stand to lose nothing at all. Let's face it, marriage does make a couple more stable, so allowing people to marry will shore up the underpinnings of our society. Not only that, but 1138 civil rights flow from the state of marriage, and it's not fair that any consenting adults is deprived of those rights. We're having a senior staff attorney from Lambda Legal speaking, along with perhaps a lobbyist, and others who have good experience in these kinds of fights. We also *hope* to have Nashville In Harmony perform for us. We had them at our stewardship dinner Saturday night and they were amazing! I wrote to the director today, and even asked about joining them. I love to sing and I love that cause, so that may be a good direction for me to go in.

Not sure what's going on with my sister. I hear the ex-husband is still insisting she should be able to drink a beer or two and stop, but sister is going to day treament and AA anyway. Not sure at all how this is going to play out. Brother called sister the other day to tell her that if ex-hubby tries to give her beer or whatever, that's a direct attack on her, he dosn't love her, and is trying to harm her. He told her he took that as a direct attack on our entire family, as we all pay for this crap. I'm really proud of him. :)

That's about it for me tonight. This Neurontin makes me really sleepy, which is good, but trying to type with crossing eyes is not so easy. Forgive any typos -- they're chemically induced!


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