Thursday, April 06, 2006

Events of the day

Well, this morning I had my C-spine series, and now I'm waiting to hear back from my doc about how we proceed. I'm hoping for physical therapy, and perhaps stronger drugs for a while. That sounds bad just on its own, but I mean I want to feel better, not get doped up! lol

For quite a while, like 4 months or more, I've tried to avoid any substance, natural or otherwise, that would interfere with my getting better. I would LOVE to get off as many of the drugs I take as possible. I am not sure why I have to take BP meds when my BP is normal, though in the high range of normal, even when I don't take them. I frequently experience (check out this high tech doctory phrase) orthostatic hypotension -- meaning when I stand up after sitting or lying down, I get all dizzy and fainty and stuff. You've all probably experienced that from time to time. I experience it several times a day. Now that I think about, probably mentioning that to my doc would be a good idea, huh? My yearly physical is scheduled for May, so I think I'll start making a list of questions/concerns that I need to have answers for.

Also, I'm having my gynecological exam then, too, and hope that I can actually ADD a drug to my routine. I would like to find out if I can take Metformin (Glucophage). I have the condition known as PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome. This is why I've never been able to have children. Here's some info about PCOS:

PCOS: Symptoms

PCOS is not easy for doctors to diagnose. The common symptoms of PCOS include irregular or absent menstrual cycles and evidence of excess male hormones, such as facial hair growth, acne, and hair thinning (female balding). Many, but not all, women with PCOS are overweight. Even if several of the symptoms that follow are present, a woman may not have a case of PCOS. They may have a condition that affects the adrenal gland or the thyroid gland, for example.

The underlying cause of PCOS is an imbalance of hormones. This imbalance often seems to be linked with the way the body processes insulin. Insulin is a hormone produced in the pancreas that promotes use of blood sugar (glucose). Insulin problems can increase male hormone production by the ovaries.

So, you can see the interest in Metformin. I don't know if I can take it with all the other crap I ingest, but it's worth a shot.

Switching gears -- we're expecting strong storms tonight and tomorrow, which bites. This is the time of year when the south, particularly, gets bitch-slapped by Mother Nature. The midwest catches it too, but since I've always lived in the south, this is something very familiar to me. Sunday night was when west Tennessee and south central Kentucky (just above me!) had strong, violent storms that left 23 people dead. Now, I'm not normally a chicken, but I do admit to being a little freaky about the storms.

Growing up in Pensacola, FL, I was used to hurricanes and thunderstorms. But up here it's different -- there are TORNADOES to deal with. That's a very different animal. With hurricanes, you have warning, and have an opportunity to prepare or flee. With the storms we have here, you don't get that opportunity. You just have to wait & see what happens. I really HATE that part. I'm not good with the unknown factor in all of this. Spontaneity is one thing, but this isn't the right kind of spontaneity I'm into.

So, send me some good vibes, wouldja? I will be keeping a "weather-eye" out -- is that really a phrase or just something weather people made up?



Julie said...

A "LITTLE" freaky about storms? I remember a storm we had about 6 years ago, I was hanging out at your house (I was probably bet huh?) We spent the afternoon sitting on the floor in your apartment waiting for the "big one" to hit. I think by the time it blew over we forgot what drove us to the floor of your hallway in the first place... :) Just one of many "why I love my friend WIP!" stories.

c in knoxville said...

Good idea to get all your questions/concerns together before your appt. I always intend to do that and then think, "Nah. I can remember." But as soon as that white coat enters the room I forget everything I was going to ask!

Also, my sister-in-law is both on Metformin and has PCOS. I can't say I understand it all but I do know the difficulties that result from PCOS. I hope it works out for you that you can get on Metformin.

I'm so glad you made it thru the storm and that I was able to come hang with you this weekend. I so enjoy my visits. You are such a wonderful, amazing person and I am so glad to have you as my friend!!!

C in Knoxvegas (yes, that is what "they" actually call it here)

Wrkinprogress said...

OK Julie -- tell all my secrets!!! I'm a BIG BABY when it comes to storms. And Julie most definitely knows from experience. I should have thought about liquor on Friday -- where was my head? lol