Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Last night's dream

I put these things here because I need to remember them. I don't know if they are of any particular interest to anyone, other than my friends/family members who read this, but putting them down helps me recall them when I need to.

Last night I dreamed that my brother, sisters were living in our parents home, just like when we were kids, but we were all adults. I had another place to live, not in this home. Mom and Dad looked younger than they would at this time. After a while, we realized Mom & Dad were gone, but we didn't know where. I went to the kitchen to fix us all something to eat, but there was nothing I could put together to make a meal for us. Everyone was hungry, but there was nothing I could do. A while later, Mom & Dad come in, laughing, acting as though they'd been out having a wonderful time, without a care in the world. I asked where they'd been, and they replied nonchalantly that they'd been out to dinner. I was pissed, and asked if they brought anything home for us, and they said no, they hadn't even thought about it, and looked pretty chagrined. This REALLY pissed me off, and I left to go back to my place.

I discovered once I was there that all my stuff was moved over to my parents' house, because I had moved out and didn't remember. I started looking for a place to live, feeling desperate. I could see a bedroom in my parents' home, the one I grew up in, that was pretty empty, other than a dresser, a television, and an uncomfortable sofa. Some of my clothes were in the closet, but not the ones I needed. I was very sad, and felt very much alone and abandoned.

Transition to a place that had nothing to do with where I was before. I was with a friend, whose boyfriend was a truck driver. It was snowing. The roads were very snowed over, and it was also icy. My friend told me to go with her boyfriend to get a ride to someplace far away that I needed to go. I didn't trust this guy very much, but hoped that because my friend was the one who put us together for this ride, he'd leave me alone. We got into the 18 wheeler and began to drive. In a short time he began making inappropriate remarks and trying to touch me. I told him very firmly that I had no interest in him and that I would tell my friend what he was doing if he didn't stop. He basically just laughed. We stopped at a big truck stop somewhere, and I ran away. This truckstop had a very complicated series of hallways, and was attached to a big hotel. I went through hall after hall, with him chasing me, laughing. He had friends helping him chase me, too, so I felt very afraid.

I don't know how, but I got away and don't remember anything after that. I woke up either then or soon after.


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