Saturday, February 11, 2006

The sound of silence...and dripping...

Well, we did receive our promised snowfall, and may get more today. My guesstimate is that we received 2-3 inches here at my house, and I have pictures to prove it, which I will post to this blog later. Unfortunately, the temp is above freezing, so things are beginning to melt, which means constant dripping. And now, as I type this, the sun is trying to poke through a very overcast sky -- booooooooooo! I was hoping to match the Winter Olympics look for a few days, but I guess it's not meant to be. Bummer.

Tomorrow we head to Fall Creek Falls State Park for a Valentine's treat. If you've never heard of this place, let me just entice you with a few pictures I lifted from the website.

Obviously, these pictures were taken not after a snow -- or maybe loooong after a snow, but I am hoping that by the time we get there tomorrow, I can take pictures of these things, snow-covered. Below are a couple of pictures of the cabins we'll be in -- couldn't find many, actually, but will be sure to take some while there. Now, doesn't that look heavenly? Romantic for sure -- and definitely restful. We're looking forward to being virtually alone for a couple of days -- the park staff told us that the cabins were full for the weekend, but the park will be basically empty the days we're there, which is why we're going. Additionally, Hubby has booked a couples' massage for us on Monday at noon, so we'll have plenty of time to sleep in, and then have a nice lunch after. Smart guy, wouldn't you say? :)

I'm a lucky woman, people, in case you didn't realize that before. I'm blessed with so many things, but my greatest blessing is the love of a good man who can put up with my foibles and troubles and craziness, and somehow still think I hung the moon. In spite of the depression/anxiety issues I've face lately, life is GOOD. And will get better. I do have great hopes for the future, and all of them are possible because I have a supportive, mature partner. I wish that for all of you -- there is no greater joy, to my knowledge.

Peace, and love, and all that good hippie stuff (burning patchouli incense as I type...)


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Purr said...

That place looks wonderful!!! We've talked about renting a cabin here soon. We definitely need the time alone. Enjoy!