Monday, February 27, 2006

Come Monday it'll be alright...

Anyone remember that old Jimmy Buffet-goes-country song? It's stuck in my head this morning, for some crazy reason.

Today is therapy day -- woohoo. Had to miss last week due to the funeral of my uncle. I wonder sometimes if there's reason to continue to go. I wonder if I'm making progress. I wonder if I do make progress, will I maintain it. Last week I saw the shrink who increased my Effexor by 75 mg -- now my dose is 225 mg. That doesn't bother me so much, I don't think. But not feeling completely better does. The shrink said I had a "complicated depression". Naturally, I translate that in my mind as "you are really crazy". (Remember, folks -- I'm just pouring stuff out here -- don't take anything too seriously -- just getting it out of my head.)

I think today we'll talk about the funeral and how that was for me, as well as seeing my family, i.e. my mom. I did have some rather rousing insights into my parents' family systems, which probably will be not a huge surprise to my therapist. I'm sure she won't be surprised that my sister thinks I'm not allowing her to call me -- neither was I, for that matter. I'm sure it further illustrates the craziness I came from. The question is, can I get away from it? I love my family, all of them, but I don't agree with a lot of them on many issues. I am the lone liberal of the family, both sides, which makes me a black sheep. At least I look good in black. :D

Not much to say today, I guess, so I'll close for now. But just for fun -- check out this link: Yes, it's a monkey washing a cat. If that doesn't make you laugh, you are REALLY having a bad day.


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Here's a more recent version of "Monkey Washing at Cat"