Sunday, February 19, 2006

Regarding previous "dark" posts

To anyone reading this blog, I want to make something clear. The reason I do this is to get things out of my head, to have a catharsis, as it were, so that I don't have to ruminate over things that I'd rather not occupy any more of my time with. I know that what I write sounds very scary sometimes, and probably really crazy, but please understand that there's a lot of stream of consciousness stuff going on here. I do not sit here in sackcloth and ashes with all the lights off, day after day.

Yes, I wrestle with some trauma issues, and sometimes they feel overwhelming, but that's why I do this, and why I go to therapy, and why I take an antidepressant, etc. I am actively working things out, by reading, by writing, and by thinking and talking with others, including friends (you all know who you are) and Hubby. He reads this every day, so he definitely knows what's going on with me.

So, I hope that makes things clearer and makes me seem less like someone who should be committed. By and large I am happy -- I have a good life, for the most part. I just have some crappy parts that have all ganged up on me at once lately. But, again, I'm working on them, and believe things will get and stay better, with time.


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Fat Doctor said...

That's the beauty of blogging. Put it into cyberspace so it doesn't eat away at your soul, then move on. Keep workin' it, sister...