Friday, February 24, 2006

Friday Friday Friday

That means Yay! Yay! Yay! Not that I have any special plans, other than NO PLANS until Sunday -- then it's church, but that'll be uplifting, at least.

It's really been a long week and both Hubby and me are whipped. The kitchen and bedroom are virtual wrecks, as we've not even had a chance to unpack from our lovely trip last week, followed by the sad funeral trip this week. I suppose that's what we'll do most of the weekend, but at least it will be here in our own home, on our terms.

I learned while I was at my mom's this week that the bad sister thinks I'm preventing her from calling me. This is because when I wrote a postcard to her daughter, I said "Tell your mommy to help you write me back". What I meant was that my 7 year old niece should get her mom's help with getting my address and an envelope & stamp. 'Scuse me for being so obtuse, apparently.

Hubby's daughter sent us an invitation to come hear her and the grandkids sing at several events in March and April. Daughter is an operatic soprano, and has an absolutely glorious voice. However, we are not going to be attending these events, and she, I think, knows that. I did write her back, thanking her for the info and asking that if these events are taped, would they send us a copy? I told her, too, that we were very proud of her and the kids and wished them the best with these performances. Wonder if there will be a response?

That's it for today, people, or person, as the case may be. I'm about to veg on some back to back episodes of "Charmed" on TNT. I really wish I had Tivo or a DVR -- I would Tivo "Judging Amy" and a bunch of other stuff so I could watch it whenever I wanted. Of course, I have the "Mad Dogs and Englishmen" DVD here to watch, which totally rocks, but I'm not sure if I'm interested in rocking out right this minute. Maybe later this weekend. ;)

Best wishes to all, and peace!


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