Monday, March 27, 2006

Seven years

This is my late husband, Lance, on our wedding day -- 10/9/93. Seven years ago today, at about 6:00 pm he passed away, stricken by a massive heart attack. At this time, now 8:11 pm Central time, I would have been arriving home from the hospital, in a daze, and wondering how on earth I was going to get through the rest of my life.

Tonight I sit here with my amazing and wonderful "new" hubby, who is, as we speak, preparing our dinner for tonight. I made lasagna last week, and he loved it, so we're having it again tonight with a salad that he will also prepare. He loves to cook, or rather, to prepare food, so we're a good team that way.

Lance's heart attack occurred while he was watching the Final Four game between Duke and UCONN -- he wanted UCONN to win for some reason. Current Hubby asked me if it bothers me to watch the games now, and I told him no, far from it. I enjoy them, because of Lance. I had never gotten into basketball before him, but he was so knowledgable about it and enjoyed it so much that I grew to enjoy it too. Hubby's late wife Nancy was also a huge sports fan, and even was a golfer like my Lance, so I told him tonight that wherever they are now, I bet they're watching the games, playing golf, drinking liquor, and doing God only knows what else, having a marvelous time, happy because he and I are happy and together. I'm not sure I even believe in an afterlife, but I do believe that whatever there is of us that is still in the universe after our bodies die connects with others, and that whatever consciousness exists is very benign. If it's possible for Lance and Nancy to look down on us and love us still, then I know for a fact that they are doing that very thing.

Today I received a call from Lance's sister-in-law, with whom I am very close still. She informed me that her daughter announced today that she is PREGNANT with her first child! Talk about an excellent way to remember her uncle!! He would have been as happy as anyone that his beloved niece was going to bring a new baby into this world, to continue the family line. I called dear niece to congratulate her and asked if she realized what this day is. She knew as soon as I said that, and I told her that there is absolutely no way she could have made me any happier than to deliver this news. :) Talk about the universe being synchronous and benevolent!

In the next two posts I will enter some poems that I wrote after he died, and then will follow in another post with some of his poetry. One of the things on my lifetime to-do list is to compile his poetry and have it published. Lance was a prolific writer, and a very gifted one. I promised many of his friends that I would make sure his poetry was published eventually, so this will be something of a start for that.

Peace to all of you on this very happy and significant day. :)


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And peace be with you too. Forever and always.