Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I must say, I've never experienced such a delicious homecoming as I did Friday night. Hubby picked us up at the airport, his face alit with delight. Though I was very tired from a long day of driving in what seemed to be continuous rush hour traffic, I was so glad to be home and back in the passenger seat of our van.

Once we got home and retired, she showered me with affection -- not just sex -- I mean AFFECTION. He held me, caressed me, kissed me, for hours. He told me how much he loved and missed me. He lavished such tender loving care upon me that I couldn't really comprehend it all at the time. And we made love -- very sweet, but very passionate love. It seemed like it had been forever, and it kind of had. I had not been feeling very lovey-dovey in the week or two prior to my trip, so it was even more of a homecoming than most.

The next morning, after making love again, he made breakfast -- bacon, HOMEMADE waffles, juice and coffee. We spent the day doing a few household things like grocery shopping, and then decided to have "naked day" for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Hubby grilled some fabulous chicken for us, and made FROM SCRATCH delicious yeast rolls. Yes, he's quite the cook! Am I lucky or what? That night we fell asleep in each other's arms, after having cuddled and petted each other leisurely.

Sunday we went to church, which was delightful. We celebrated Purim -- a first for us both. We were told the story of Esther and Mordecai, and were instructed to yell and clap and celebrate each time their names were mentioned. At the mention of Haman, we booed and stomped, along with the rest of the congregation. Prior to the beginning of the service, we were given 'sticky notes' upon which to write the names of tyrants or bullies, so that when we stomped, we were symbolically stomping on them, too. My sticky note contained the names of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, my step son-in-law, my ex brother-in-law, and my ex-husband. I have to admit, I did derive some satisfaction from that exercise. Background and offeratory music was performed by The Klezmer Kidz, which greatly added to the enjoyment of our service.

I was so surprised that so many people welcomed me back. The reason for this was because last week Hubby lit a candle for me, saying he wished that I'd have a wonderful vacation and safe travels, looking forward to my return. Not only was that precious of him, it was overwhelming that so many people remembered that and commented on it. I love my church community. I feel like I fit in and am needed. People seem to like me a lot, and seek out my company. I am just blown away by that.

Today I need to get my highlights done! I also need to shop for my sister-in-law's birthday present. She's disabled -- "mentally retarded" -- but a real joy in my life. I called her this week to ask what she wanted for her birthday, and she readily said "a watch". I asked her what kind of watch (meaning what style), and she said "Timex". lol I went on to ask if she wanted one with hands or just numbers -- meaning analog or digital -- she answered "hands and numbers", indicating that she thought I asked a stupid question, which I guess I did. I finally determined that she wants a silver watch, so I am on my way to get it for her. She also loves to take pictures, though they tend to be the same picture over and over again. But who cares? As long as she has fun, that's all that matters. I've never had a person like Mary intimately involved in my life, but I'm so glad I do now.

So for now, I'll close. More to come later, I'm sure. It's a beautiful spring day, though coolish, but I like it cool, so that's a bonus.


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