Monday, March 13, 2006

Home again

I'm so happy to be home again! Vacations are wonderful, but I think the returning home is possibly the best part. It was so good to be in familiar surroundings again, to sleep in my own bed, to know where everything is, and to be more in control of my daily life. This is where I was -- Sanibel Island, FL. And yes, it really looks like this.

I was stunned, having grown up on the Gulf Coast, in Pensacola, FL. Our beaches are beautiful too, but the water here is shallow much farther out than in Pensacola, so the water looks much more green before it turns to the dark ocean blue. The sand is as white, maybe whiter, but the number of shells that wash up on these beaches are beyond belief until you see it for yourself. See?

There are also beautiful flowers, like these:

Hibiscus outside my door.

And these:

Wild orchid


And how about some wildlife?

This is just a taste of what the week entailed. More to come later. :)


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