Saturday, March 18, 2006

Another inspiring quote

Great spirits have always encountered
violent opposition from mediocre minds.
- Albert Einstein

This is particularly relevant to me today, and brings some comfort. I live in Tennessee, which is a beautiful state, with some wonderful, talented, thoughtful people, but it's also quite backwards politically and socially speaking. This is a trial at times. It's hard to be a blue person in a red state.

But, onward and upwards. Today we took my niece for a ride in the country, which was a lot of fun because my Hubby moos at the cows.
Seriously. Rolls down the window and MOOOOOS.

This is guaranteed to crack me up, because A: it's just plain funny, and B: the cows seem to respond like "Do we know you, dude?", and C: I am hoping that someday a person catches him doing this, and D: he is normally Mr. Respectable. There's just too much about it that begs for enjoyment. Naturally, my niece found this utterly hilarious, so I know she'll have at least one good story to tell on her uncle. :D

Having a teenager in the house is a challenge, even if she is an angel of a teenager. I have just taken a BC powder to see if THAT will help with these daily headaches I've had lately before we go out to the symphony. I know we'll all enjoy ourselves, but I want to enjoy it fully, and if I'm sitting there with this nagging pain in mah brain, it won't be nearly as fun as if that were not the case. May have to end up seeing the family doc about this -- it's been going on much too long.

I have received two wonderful emails today -- one from a friend I know "in real life", and one from a blogger friend whom I've not met in person. Both said such kind and supportive things -- I am just blown away by the kindness they express. Both are lovely, wonderful women who definitely don't get enough credit for just being who they are, not to mention what they do in life. Along with the friends I thanked in a previous post, I'm adding these ladies to the list -- KT and DM, I'll call them. I am truly blessed to have such amazing and gifted people in my life. Maybe the fog is beginning to lift after all...

So peace! Out, yo! Remember to mooooooo if you get the chance, particularly if you have a kid in the car. I guarantee you'll feel better afterward.


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