Monday, August 21, 2006


My ex-brother-in-law is officially stalking my sister, apparently. Somehow he discovered the hotel she was staying in while arranging to move in a house that falls within the 25-mile radius of the union hall as stated in their divorce decree. I knew this would happen -- when we went up there for the initial court appearance I insisted we stay a good distance away from the courthouse, etc., because he's the type that drives around, drives around on the hunt, as it were.

I was visiting my sister a few up there a few years ago and we went out to dinner. After about 30 minutes there he comes strolling in, straight to our table. He said he's been in the bar and saw us come in, and just wanted to say hi. But when we entered the restaurant, there were just a couple of people at the bar, and he wasn't one of them.

My sister said she can virtually guarantee he's living in a tent out a campground (!!! Can you believe that???) and has no permanent address. She believes he's waiting for her to move in somewhere, which she did today, and then he'll settle somewhere nearby, so he "can be involved". Sis said she is going to do everything in her power to beg the court not to let him have her address, and to investigate whether or not he has one of his own. Good grief at the tawdriness of this whole issue, you know?

Hubby and I leave around noon tomorrow to go up there, so I can be available to testify about abuses I've witnessed. This is not the kind of trip either of us wants to take, but at least I have hubby to stand beside me. He's such a good man -- the antithesis of the ex b-i-l.


neuroticillinifan said...

Don't ever forget that I'm close enough to help if your sis is ever in a real bind.

And really, I wouldn't mind helping at all. Understand? Not at all.

Suburban Turmoil said...

That's horrible. Be careful!