Thursday, August 03, 2006

Pet Peeve #1 (today)

Waiting 6 weeks for an appointment with a specialist, then showing up on time, and waiting 2 hours before even being called to go back. Even worse -- fasting for this appointment, which was at 10 am.

Upon making another appointment (4 weeks away), the person behind the counter apologized. I told her she didn't need to, it wasn't her fault. She fairly heaved a sigh of relief and said "Most people don't realize that." I assured her I remembered when I sat behind that desk, too.

Then I was told that, because I will be having a new patient exam, I should plan to spend 2 hours with the doctor. Well, that might have been helpful to know a while back. Part of the reason I couldn't wait was because I had an appointment with another doc to get an injection into my shoulder.

And to make it all a little worse, hubby had taken off work today to go with me, so we kind of wasted half a day of leave time.

However, the injection wasn't even felt, even thought it was into my shoulder joint, so props to the physiatrist with the excellent aim. :)


obxbill said...

Hey there. I hope your shoulder feels better and you get a chance to relax and enjoy the weekend.

Cathy said...

I'm happy you had good luck with the injection. I hope it didn't give you insomnia like they do me? Mostly I hope it helps your shoulder..These dr. appts can be so frustrating.