Monday, June 05, 2006

Lightning striking again....!!! Plus FIRE!!!!!!!!!

Well, the last few days have not been the greatest. On Saturday evening, we experienced an unexpected-to-us storm, which involved lightning. We were struck, AGAIN, blowing out our VCR/DVD player and Internet connection (again). Not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things, but annoying as hell.

On Sunday morning, hubby started to blend us a smoothie for breakfast. He put all the ingredients in the blender and turned it on. Suddenly, and also quite unexpectedly, FIRE, as in FLAMES, began shooting out of the socket in which the blender was plugged. I did not know that this happened until I came of out of the bathroom later. Fortunately, he had good sense and quickly unplugged the blender, ran down into the basement, and shut off the breaker for that outlet. That breaker, though, also controls the electricity for that whole wall (coffee maker, bread machine), and the adjoining wall (REFRIDGERATOR!). Yet again he had the good sense to run a heavy-duty extension cord from the living room to the kitchen so we could keep the fridge plugged in. Oy vey!

So, today we had to wait for electricians, and are currently waiting for the siding people to come deal with the previous exploding-neighbor's-tree problem which damaged one side of our house. We are also needing to go back to pick up the new car we bought on Saturday, after having some of the add-on equipment installed. Again, none of these things on their own are humongous deals, since the house didn't burn down or anything, but when you add it all up, it equals STRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I decided to go back on my anti-anxiety agent for a little while after all these little dramas have unfolded. I had JUST weaned myself off completely, hopeful of using it only as needed, but it looks as though, in order to make sure things don't get out of hand and turn back into full-blown panic attacks, it's safer just to take the minimum dose for a while. So, that's what I'm doing. I think this is helping with the heart hiccups, as I don't notice them today at all, and didn't really notice them yesterday as much. I'm thinking my plan is working. I'll check with my doc on Wednesday when I see her to either confirm or deny this.

Here's hoping the rest of the week is less hectic. I could sure use a little peace.



Dream Mom said...

Here's wishing you some peace and less stress this week.

Purr said...

I hope this is the end of it!! I don't think Arnie's shorts can take much more! LOL! *hugs*

neuroticillinifan said...

My goodness. I certainly hope things settle down for you for a while.

Although they are all little things, those little things can surely add up in ways we don't always expect. Sounds like you're keeping it all under control. Good for you.


Genevieve said...

Are you sure there's not a bullseye around your house?! I do hope things settle down for you. I can understand how the weather damage in particular would be stressful!

Cathy said...

Well geez, you have had an awful start to this week. I hope things have calmed down now?