Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Kooky dreams for a change! lol

I must have eaten something weird yesterday to cause the dreams I had last night, but I have no idea what! If I knew I could do it again! Here are two little tidbits of information before I launch into this post -- A) the Bonnaroo music festival is occurring soon, apparently, and is very close to where I live, and B) I recently visited Memphis where I had dinner with a friend who always has some hilarious video to show me. We watched "Mario Cantone: Laugh Whore". Mario Cantone is a very funny man who plays Charlotte's gay friend on "Sex in the City". He did a bit about Judy Garland and Liza Minnelli.

Now, on with the post

Dream #1: I'm looking at a very well-delineated, closely packed field of marijuana plants. lol They are in a very contained area, but very much full grown (or more, I guess), and just glistening in the sun. Among the plants are a bunch of hippie types, just bursting for "them" to give "the signal". I learn that this huge plot of land is the site of the Bonnaroo music festival, and that the reason it's so well-delineated is because there's an invisible fence around it. Somehow it's been decided that the people attending the festival can do all the pot they want, but they can't start till the "official word" is given, and they can only do it in this area. If they try to take any outside the boundaries, they'll be shocked.

I go into a house a good distance away from the field/concert-goers. There are lots of windows on one side, the side facing the field, but I have the curtains closed. There are other people in the house, but I don't know them all that well. We are talking about all those folks out there and how strict the rules are, when there's a loud knock on the door. In walks the actor, James Wood, but he's like an FBI agent. lol Other FBI-types follow. He says he KNOWS someone here has some dope on them and he's going to find it. I am scared to death, but know it's not me. Finally, one of the other people there produces one shriveled up leaf, and James Wood seems satisfied, but takes this guy out to be shocked, apparently.

That's it for that dream.

2. I am again working in the business office of a hospital, like I did for about 5 years in real life. Some of the same people are there working with me, but they are WAY behind on their work. It's very frustrating, because it's clear that people have just let things slide. There are some new people in the back of the office, and they haven't been trained well. They are taking phone calls, and bring me a stack of messages. The messages are pretty much medical in nature, and have nothing at all to do with the business office. I take them to the boss, who says to take them to the person who's over the operators so she can handle it. I decide that I'm too frustrated to stay and decide to leave.

I get into a convertible and drive off. I'm going through a small town on a highway with a traffic light. I stop at the light and somehow pick up someone in the front seat, and Dudley Moore and Liza Minnelli (ala "Arthur"!) in the back. We drive off and have come into a large city with nice neighborhoods that have large homes. As we're driving through one of the beautiful neighborhoods, Liza & Dudley are bickering. I tell them to chill, but they keep on. Liza says something snarky to Dudley, and I tell her she has no room to talk after that fake marriage to "that queer, David Gest". She protests that he's not gay, and I say something like "Oh please! Everybody knows he is and just married you for the money! Why do you insist on such a charade?" Then I get out of the car, NOT stopping it in the process, and just let it go on down the road. I start walking around in this ritzy neighborhood that has beautiful green areas and parks, and then I woke up!

Anyone have an interpretation???? I can assure you I'm not obsessed with either pot or Liza Minnelli, so I'm clueless as to what this was all about! At least they were pretty funny dreams, in an ironic way, for a change. :)

Peace, everyone.



Purr said...

I have no valid interpretation for you but I'm lmao.. Does that count for anything? LOL

neuroticillinifan said...

No clues here as to what it might mean. Have you perhaps seen the movie "Arthur" recently?

I am also having a good chuckle over your dreams, a nice break in my otherwise too-serious day.


Guinness_Girl said...

My suspicion is that you smoked a lot of pot before going to sleep. Snicker.

I, too, apparently had weird dreams last night. Mid-snooze this morning, I allegedly said to Wilman, "What kind of menus do you want?" He said, "What?" and I responded, "I'm not talking to YOU, I'm talking to my sister!"

My sister lives half a country away.

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