Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Unexpected side-effects from Blogging

I started blogging a few months ago, after reading FatDoctor's blog. I found her through a plus-size person newsletter I receive, FatTuesday. I had no idea that a doctor, who happened to be overweight, would or could be so candid about her life, both professional and private. Because much of my life has been spent working with/for physicians and other healthcare practitioners, I suppose I was more moved by her than I would have been by anyone else. Thanks to her, I have found quite a few unexpected benefits, including, I think, health benefits, from this activity.

First, I have been able to get some things out of my head that need to be out of my head. I've been able to tell the blogosphere about the nightmares that frequently torment me.
Second, I've connected with other people, from all over the world,
who reassure me that I am not alone.This is an amazingly comforting notion.

Third, that reassurance confirms for me that we all do live in an
interdependent web of existance,which is one of the principles that we Unitarian Universalists live by. Though I've always believed this on some level, I've found that connecting with virtual strangers is a very gratifying confirmation that people are pretty much the same, no matter where they are or what they're raised or come to believe.

And finally, I have found that people really care. If you don't believe me, read the comments on FatDoctor's last two posts. You'll quickly realize that, even without face-to-face contact, people do come to care for each other in the blogosphere (I hate that word, but it fits here) and there is nothing virutal about it.


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