Saturday, January 28, 2006

Beautiful morning, beautiful world

One of the greatest joys in my life is getting to sleep in on Saturday morning with my hubby. Every other day of the week he rises early, mostly by habit, but also by necessity -- that pesky job thing. Saturday morning is also when we have our favorite meal of the week -- BREAKFAST. He makes our coffee -- now with a French press that I recently turned him on to -- and then begins the cooking portion of the morning. We usually have bacon, because it just smells so damn good, mostly. We don't eat a lot of fatty things usually, so this is a real treat. Then, believe it or not, he frequently makes either pancakes or waffles...FROM SCRATCH! I told him in the beginning of our relationship, with much chagrin, that I had not even thought about the fact that you could actually make those things from scratch -- i.e., not from a mix or frozen from a box. Yes, I've been deprived. ::sigh:: But he is definitely making up for it. Our local NPR station is playing some lovely jazzy piano tune, the front door and blinds are open, and Roger the cat is perched on his windowsill, guarding us from all manner of wiley beasts who apparently lurk in our yard. One can only imagine the peril if he were not here to stare at them.

How did I get so lucky? That applies to so many parts of my life. I am lucky that I have the world's greatest and most handsome and talented husband, ever, bar none. I am lucky that I have finally begun to feel better, because I was able to reach out and find professionals to help me through a long period of darkness and confusion. I am lucky to have a strong inner core that eventually always shows me the way and never lets me fall too far into what I would term as the pit of hell. Dramatic, yes; also accurate in how it feels sometimes.

I was supposed to do a radio interview this afternoon, but am unable to due to this crud I have in my head and chest. More than likely I'd be fine, but I am loathe to be exposed to other nasty bugs, or spread my crud to others. I hope I'll have this opportunity again -- I was really looking forward to it.

Hubby has a piano student coming for a lesson at noon. He's a professional keyboard player in Nashville, successful in his music career, as he says, "because I have a day job." He has performed with tons of people, including Grand Ole Opry stars, recorded with and for all sorts of folks, and played in who knows how many bands. He is a gifted teacher, I can attest, because he's taught me to play a few things, and I don't play. I always wanted to, but never could find someone to teach me to play the things I wanted to play. No "Blue Danube Waltz" for me! I wanted "Great Balls of Fire!" He had 10 years of formal lessons, but discovered his real gift when thrust into his first band with a group of self-taught teenage guitar players. They had no sheet music, so the guitarist basically had to show him the chords on the guitar, and he had to learn on the spot how to translate them to the keyboard. From that day forward, improvisation was his forte. Now he teaches others how to improvise, and the light in their eyes when they start to get it is pretty much worth the entire experience. Fortunately, people will pay him to do this, this thing he loves and does as naturally as he breathes, and he looks forward to spreading the joy of music making to as many as are interested in the years to come. He hopes this kind of thing will be a big part of his retirement, and I am certain that it will. His dream is to be an instructor at a "Blues Week" type event. He has called himself a "Pied Piper", and I can attest to the accuracy of that analogy. He makes it fun; he makes it sound really possible; and he teaches people according to their desires -- not according to the established rules. He's a rebel, my husband -- what a guy!

Time to go scramble the eggs -- that's my breakfast duty and I do that, at least, better than anyone. For other meals, I'm the queen of the kitchen, but when it comes to breakfast, I'm happy to turn it all over to the king. :)

Enjoy your Saturday. Go out and turn your face up to the sun and shout THANK YOU! It's a beautiful morning....



Fat Doctor said...

Just stopped in to see what you're working on these days. Thanks for your kind and insightful comments on my blog. I hope revealing your inner thoughts to the world helps you as much as it does me!

Anonymous said...

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