Tuesday, January 31, 2006


This will be a brief post due to time constraints. I am going to attend a lecture at Vanderbilt University this afternoon with my dear husband about Marriage Equality. In all honesty (admitting my unculturedness ((yes, that's a word, cuz I just made it up!)) here), I've never attended a lecture before, so I'm really looking forward to it, but maybe also feeling a little bit intimidated. You know -- it will be obvious to everyone there that I never finished college, that I don't belong, yada yada yada. But thankfully, I'm feeling strong enough to know that that's my little insecure inner child trying to avoid 'exposure'. My outer adult (is that the right term?) knows better, and is able to reassure 'her' that this will be fun, interesting, and definitely something I will be a perfectly acceptable and appropriate audience member for. Thank God for healing.

Later I shall make up for this brevity. Until then....


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Purr said...

I'm quite sure nobody looked at you and thought you were an uneducated dolt! They probably looked at you and thought, "Where did that breathtaking creature come from? She oozes beauty, tranquility, and light." So there! ;)