Monday, September 25, 2006

Here! Here! Here!

Thank you, all of you who've written to check on me lately. :) I am very grateful for such kindnesses! I am fine; I had to go to my sister's unexpectedly last week, but everything's fine there, too, for the most part. She still needs a job that will be compatible with daycare, and needs to collect child support from her ex. I think her first official check will be in October, but he owes her directly as well. I believe she's having to sue him for that, which bites.

It was so good to see Mom and the kids. I took Mom to breakfast and out shopping one day, which was great for us all. We really got to talk, and she seemed to really enjoy herself. As soon as Sis gets a job and daycare, Mom is going home. She's quite ready, as she should be. She's been up there going on 2 months now.

I will post more soon, but I did want to make this entry so that I wouldn't worry anyone else unnecessarily. How lucky am I to have friends who check on me when I don't show myself after a while! :)



Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I have been getting concerned about you...:) Will be looking for updates.

Smalltown RN said...

Thank you for the update. Glad to hear things are starting to settle down for you.

Look forward to your future posts.


Anonymous said...

I have been wondering about you also. I hope things continue to quiet down!

Anonymous said...

Just checking in on ya!