Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Election 2006 is over, and there were quite a few changes made, thankfully. The Republicans no longer control the Congress, which is a marvelous turn of events. I'm disappointed, however, that here in Tennessee people apparently were swayed enough by racist advertising to make what I feel will soon be apparent to be the wrong decision. Not only that, but we also wrote discriminatory language into our constitution, like a lot of other states did, unfortunately. Not those lovely people out there in Arizona, though! They chose to see this matter for what it is -- one of civil rights. Naturally, those opposed will see it a bit differently, but it is what it is.

Today I am generally just a bit down in the dumps. There have been so many family issues to deal with lately involving illnesses and deaths. Hubby and I are planning to visit my uncle who's been diagnosed with lung cancer this weekend. I want to see him while he's still as much of himself as he can be. I also want to be there with my aunt. My heart aches for her -- this is the second husband she's lost. Both were long-time marriages, though, and both were happy. I know she has a good attitude and a strong faith, but imagining one of them without the other is just impossible.

There is a new/old issue with a family member wanting us to help pretend that the Emporer's new clothes are stunning, when we can see for ourselves that he's just as nekkid as a jaybird! It's hard sometimes to stand one's ground when faced with such passionate please to do otherwise. My request to hubby today: Can't we just run off????

My youngest sister, though, is doing very well, all things considered. She's working, has arranged for childcare for the little ones, and now is collecting the child support due her, though none of the back payments have been made yet. Still, with the child support, what she can make on her job, and some additional assistance in the form of food stamps or something, perhaps, she should be able to make it on her own. My Mom will finally get to go home, and things will return to at least a semblance of normal. If sister can keep things together, this will be the greatest gift our family could ever receive.

I hope the days to come will be more hopeful and more light-filled. That may sound all hippie-ish, but I really mean it. Life is pretty heavy a lot of the time, and I think we all could use a little more light.


Yara said...


It's a wonderful thing about the election, although like you I am sadden about people's inability to see things for what they are. There is no need to place discrimination unto our constitutions, here in Massachusetts lawmakers decided against banning gay marriage.

I hope things get better with your family, you know I tell myself that we must experience the bad before we can learn to appreciate the good.


Smalltown RN said...

I hope things have picked up for you. I am sorry for your aunts loss. I think it is wonderful that u have choosen to see your uncle while he is still vibraint. You are building on your memories of him.

Hope things are going well.

Anonymous said...

hello there....

I just had to drop by and thank you for your kind words. I have always enjoyed coming to visit your blog. When your sister was going through all she was going through. I felt a kin ship with you and I so appreciated you bloggin about what was going on.

Thanks again for sharing and for your lovely thoughts.